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Meet The Team

Tim O'Shaughnessy

Keeper of the Grounds and Buildings

Tim has nine years under his belt with Towne working as groundkeeper with Michigan Terrace condos in Hyde Park and DeSales community here in E. Walnut Hills.  A graduate of St. Xavier, Tim is a lifelong west-sider.  That is such a Cincinnati thing to say!  Ask him about west side versus east side sometime. He has a huge family some of whom work for Towne too.  Tim’s passions are photography, horticulture, and classic movies like Rocky and Rain Man.  You’ll hear him quote from these movies all the time.  His professional goal is plainly put:  perfection.  And he strives each day to achieve it.  Tim is so good at what he does he’s been nominated seven times for Towne’s Whatever It Takes Award.

Kalli Shimko

Leasing Professional and Master Organizer

Kalli is a relative newbie, having just started with Towne mid-August after earning a BA in General Studies and a minor in Socio-psychology from Mt. Saint Joseph.  She’s has two pets: Kermit the bunny rabbit and Buffy the dog.  When she’s not working, Kalli enjoys spending time with her fiancé, cooking, running, and Disney history.  Kalli’s professional goal is to provide excellent service to all of you. She’s off to a great start with her sunny disposition.

Glen Meyer

Fixer of All Things

In November 2016, Glen joined the Towne team.  He graduated from Holmes HS in Kentucky, and has a lovely wife, two grown children (Nicholas and Kayla), and two grandchildren.   An outdoor kind of guy, Glen enjoys hunting, fishing, camping, and woodworking.  His professional goal is to learn as much as he can about maintenance so that he can fix everything without having to call an outside vendor.  We love his attitude and hard work and you will too. 

Jamie Hollis Reaver

Your Manager.  She Runs The Show

 Prior to her 14 year tenure with Towne, Jamie attended college at Northern Kentucky University. Jamie’s married with two over-achieving kids, Brooklynn and AJ.  Outside her career, Jamie loves caring for her family, archery, dancing, and Karaoke (she made it to the second round cuts of The Voice tryouts).  Passionate about her work, Jamie’s goal is to take care of everyone as if they were family. She’s Italian. Which explains her love of family and (although she didn’t say so, food and cooking).


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